The latest Marvel movie, Captain America: Civil War, was a hit. But the ending left many fans feeling disappointed. One of the most common complaints is that there were no scenes with Spider-Man (despite his appearance in two trailers). In this blog post we will discuss how the addition of Spider-Man would have made for an even better film! In the first post-credit scene we see a man taking off his mask and revealing himself to be Peter Parker aka Spider-Man.

spiderman, kid hero, superhero @ Pixabay

He wants Tony Stark’s help with something but for an unknown reason he is hesitant about it. I can only guess that he doesn’t want others to know where he gets his superhero gadgets from, which would make sense since Iron Man’s company has been under fire lately. This makes Parker more private than most superheroes and might relate back to the end of The Amazing Spiderman franchise when Peter was reluctant to let people know who “Spiderman” really is because they were all asking him for favors all the time (as seen in this clip). The movie had a lot of great scenes featuring


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