This is a blog post about how to fix a car that won’t go in reverse. It has some great tips for diagnosing the problem and fixing it, so you can get your car back on the road! The first thing you should do if your car won’t go in reverse is checked the transmission fluid. Most transmissions have a dipstick, which can be checked with the vehicle on level ground and parked so that it’s facing downhill.

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Remove the cap from the stick with a twisting motion (never use tools!) and look at where it says “low” or “high.” If nothing appears to come out of the tube when you turn around, then there could be an issue with transmission fluid leaking on top of gears inside. You may need new gear oil or seals for this type of problem! You might also want to test your brake lights by pressing them while shifting into reverse. This will cause current to flow through any wires going between


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