It can be difficult to know how best to fix your car when it jerks while you are trying to stop. There could be a number of possible causes, so let’s go over some of the most common ones and see if we can diagnose what is causing your problem. There are a few things that you should always check before deciding what to do. First, make sure the brakes themselves aren’t worn or damaged in any way; if they are then it could be an easy fix. Next, try pumping the brake pedal for about 30 seconds and see if this makes your problem better or worse; if it’s making it worse then there might be something wrong with some of the fluid in your braking system. If neither one of these changes anything but still continues after doing them both, don’t worry too much because most likely nothing is out of order as long as everything seems clean under where the car is sitting. The only thing left would be checking all four tires for air pressure which can cause problems with stopping distances


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