It’s a hot day outside and you want to turn on the air conditioner in your car. But, when you do, the engine shuts off! What is going on? It turns out that this phenomenon has nothing to do with your car’s AC system; it is actually related to how your battery works. If you are not sure what we are talking about or if this issue affects your vehicle, then keep reading for more information. This blog post will answer some of these questions: * What is a car’s battery? How does it work? * Why would the engine shut off when using AC on hot days? * Is this an issue with my vehicle or just something that happens to all cars under these circumstances? The answers are below! __ The Ac and Car: Do They Mix? (Part Two) Long-Form Content.docx Author, Date Created, Last Modified by Michelle T., February 16th 2017, Michelle T. File Size, Open in Office application *.DOCX file format – Viewable Text; Microsoft Word document type; 345 kb Recipient Name Here Description


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