When driving your car, you might notice that it starts to wobble more when going slower. This is a dangerous situation for both the driver and other cars on the road. If this problem persists, then you need to take a closer look at what’s wrong with your vehicle! There are many possible causes of this problem-so we will go over some of them below: 5 ways to fix car wobbles -Loose tires! Make sure your tire pressure is correct for the type of driving you do. You may want to invest in a set that has a lower air pressure than what the car manufacturer recommends. This can help with how tightly they hold onto the road, which will make it easier on all parties involved. -A bad alignment from slamming into curbs or potholes? Rely on an expert technician who knows their way around steering and suspension systems to get your vehicle back up and running again! They will be able to diagnose why there’s some play in those parts of the system as well as find any damaged components before more issues arise down the line. When this happens, you might not notice at first but one


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