Protein is an essential nutrient that we all need, and it has a big impact on our bodies. Protein helps to make our muscles and tissues strong, as well as keeps us feeling full longer. The right amount of protein can also help with weight loss by increasing the metabolism. With so many benefits, how does protein benefit us? In this blog post I will discuss why protein has such a huge impact on your body! The first thing you should know about protein is that it’s made up of amino acids – which are vital for good health because they form proteins in the body that keep cells healthy . Amino acids provide energy for muscle movement (e.g., walking) , support other functions like red blood cell production, and help maintain proper bone density. Protein is also a key element in muscle growth . Building muscles not only increases the amount of calories you burn each day but it can also lead to an increase in metabolism which will aid with weight loss goals! However, not all proteins are created equal – some protein sources like whey isolate contain more amino acids than others like soybean or rice protein. This means that while they may be good for your health overall, they might not give you as much energy as other options. For example, soybeans need to have their carbohydrate content reduced by over 60% before they provide enough quality protein (amino acid-to-carbohydrate ratio) for optimal performance during high intensity exercise and recovery after


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