Carbon monoxide, a substance found in tobacco smoke, is also found in __. This can lead to high levels of carbon monoxide that have the potential to cause significant health problems for people who are exposed to it. Tobacco products contain nicotine, which is highly addictive and leads to many other diseases like cancer. The best way you can protect yourself from these risks is by avoiding tobacco products! Reasons why you should quit smoking and avoid tobacco products: – It leads to addiction, which can lead to many other diseases like cancer. – You risk developing a carbon monoxide problem that has the potential for significant health problems. __ is not worth it! – Quitting does not have to be difficult – just make a commitment and follow these 11 steps! __ will help with your withdrawal symptoms so you can focus on healing yourself from this dirty habit. What are some of the best ways I can reduce my levels? (11 Ways) What should I do if quitting seems too hard? (Get Support!) How long does it take before I start feeling better after quitting? (It varies person by


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