Social media is a hot topic these days. Whether you are on the receiving end or giving out information, it’s important to be mindful of what you say and who you say it to. This blog post will discuss 11 dos and don’ts of social media that can help ensure your online presence is safe, secure, and successful. Do remember your audience. In many cases, social media is used as a means to share personal information with friends and family.

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But what if you are also using it for business? Be mindful of whom you include in the conversation so that important messages don’t get lost in the wrong crowd. Don’t overshare or underestimate malicious intent on the internet.

It’s tempting to post every detail about your life online because there may be nobody around asking questions – but this can lead to some embarrassing situations down the line when somebody who sees an unflattering comment decides they want attention too by harassing you offline. The same goes for those looking at comments from other people, not just yours: always keep in mind that while most commenters.


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