Carlina is a new girl in town, and she has her own set of rules to live by. She shares them with us on her blog, as well as tips for living a happy life. This article will show you the four things Carlina believes are essential to feeling great about yourself and enjoying your life.  Be Kind to Yourself: self care is important. It’s hard work taking care of yourself. 

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Affirmations are Powerful: Carlina says that she can feel the power in affirmations when they’re repeated over and over again. “I love myself because I am beautiful.” Repeat it with her every day, and see what happens. Positive Thinking Goes a Long Way: having positive thoughts will help you get closer to your goals more quickly than negative thinking would. Try believing in yourself today. Let Go of Negative Thoughts: try not to think about all the things that might go wrong or how bad something could be if you don’t want them to happen – just let those thoughts pass through your head.


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