Carolina do Sul is a Brazilian state in the southeast of Brazil. It borders Uruguay and Argentina, and it’s also close to Paraguay. With its mild climate, beautiful beaches and natural reserves, Carolina do Sul is one of the most popular destinations for tourists from all around the world.

This blog post will list nine places that you can visit while staying in Carolina do Sul.

Vale dos Vinhedos: This is the most famous wine region in Brazil, and it’s a must-visit for anyone who loves wine. It has over 50 wineries open to visitors year-round.

You can visit by car or bike on an 18 km paved road surrounded by beautiful vineyards. More information about Vale dos Vinhedos can be found here!

mountains, clouds, trees @ Pixabay

Dunes of Carolina do Sul National Park: Situated along the coast of Santa Catarina Island, this national park features gorgeous dunes that stretch up to 118 meters high and reaching as far as 500 kilometres long. The views from atop these huge sandhills are stunning, while there are also plenty of activities you can enjoy such as horseback.


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