The first time I heard this song, was on a car ride with my grandparents. It was one of those moments where you’re in the backseat and your parents are singing along to the radio, blissfully unaware that they’re making life-long memories for their grandchildren.

As soon as the chorus came on, we all joined in together: “Do you hear what I hear?

The sound of sleigh bells ringing.” Nowadays, every time I listen to this Christmas classic by Carrie Underwood—or any other festive tune—I’m transported back to that moment. Article content goes here.

bells, christmas, christmas ornaments @ Pixabay

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Article title: Why We Shouldn’t Judge People by

Their Looks Description: Judging someone on their appearance is a quick way of forming assumptions about them that may not necessarily be true before we even know anything else about them!

These judgments can lead us to think less of people and behave accordingly – which ultimately could lead to some serious life problems for both parties.


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