Cartilage is a tough tissue in the body that provides padding and protection for joints. There are numerous facts about cartilage that you may not know, so we’ve compiled 10 of them to help you understand this important tissue better!

Cartilage can be found in the nose, ear, and larynx. Cartilage is a type of connective tissue that provides support to bones where two or more bones come together at a joint.

There are three basic types:

Hyaline cartilage,

Elastic cartilage and

Fibrocartilaginous (fibrous) cartilage.

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Hyaline cartilage has good regenerative capacity while most epithelial tissues do not.,

Elastic cartilage has the ability to stretch under pressure but maintain its shape when relaxed.

Fibrocartilage does not have a blood supply of nerves present so it cannot regenerate if damaged like other forms of collagenous tissue such as tendons and ligaments can., Spongy bone contains yellow marrow which is a site of production for blood cells.

Bones are a series of calcium phosphate plates with spongy marrow in the centre., The bony skeleton is made up mainly of cartilage when an individual is born, so it can grow and change shape as needed to accommodate growth and movement.



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