Hey, Kids! It’s time to go on a spooky adventure with Casper the Friendly Ghost. Don’t worry, it’ll be fun!

We’re going to take you through 11 steps for how to improve your conversion rates and generate more revenue. Let’s get started!

spirit, halloween, fear @ Pixabay

Step One: Test Your Site’s UX Design

For the first step, we’re going to take a look at your site design. You don’t want to have any technical glitches or be running on old code (especially if you’ve had your site for years).

If anything is broken or outdated, fix it before proceeding with other steps because they won’t work as well! Once everything looks good and is updated, make sure that all the pages load quickly.

Otherwise, people will become frustrated and leave in droves. The more time someone spends on your website means there are higher chances of them converting into a customer!

Reviewing these two important aspects of user experience–design and speed–is crucial for generating revenue through conversions. 


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