Have you ever seen one of those reality TV shows where they try to make a match between two people?

Well, in this blog post we are going to do the same thing! We’re trying to find out if your company is the right fit for our software.

To answer that question, we need some information about your business.

conference room, table, office @ Pixabay

We need to know the following:

What types of companies do you currently work with?

How many employees does your company have?

What is the size range for each employee at your company (i.e., an average staff member)?

Does anyone in senior management prefer not to use technology or they don’t like it very much and want things done manually, but everyone else likes using tech – what are their thoughts about this software?

Is there a large group of people that still prefers paper-based methods more than anything digital because they’re a too old school/old fashioned?

So tell us, can we keep you as one of our clients forever and ever!? We would love nothing more! 


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