Many people, in the quest for enlightenment, have come to consult with Cassandra. The Lady of the Oracle is not easy to find and those who seek her out are often met with frustration.

woman, model, pearl necklace @ Pixabay

Some say she has mystical powers that can help you solve your most pressing problems, but others claim she is nothing more than a fraud – a woman who tells stories about things that never happened in order to take advantage of those desperate enough to believe them.

She can’t be found in any one place – instead, she chooses to live all around the world. The Oracle is often seen at different points of history, always appearing as some other form and with a new name.

For this reason people have been trying for centuries to find her true identity but they never do; it’s almost like she doesn’t exist or that there are many women who could take up the title, if only someone knew where to look. There will never be lasting peace until we know what happened on that day when time stood still.” Extra Content: “Cassandra Who Art Thou” by Tessa Rasberry


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