The Dirty Dancing cast is one of the most iconic in film history. It’s been over 30 years since this movie was released, so where are they now? Dirty Dancing tells the story of a rebellious teenager (Jennifer Grey) who falls for a dance instructor (Patrick Swayze).

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The chemistry between these two characters made audiences everywhere fall in love with them. After Dirty Dancigns release on September 14, 1987, it has become an American classic and has spawned multiple sequels and remakes. This blog post will explore what happened to the cast members after their success with Dirty Dancing! P

atrick Swayze One of the most popular Dirty Dancing cast members is Patrick Swayze. He played Johnny Castle, who was a dance instructor with an edgy and streetwise style that appealed to Jennifer Grey’s character Baby.

At one point in the film he even teaches her to do “the dirty” which involves lifting your skirt up over your head while dancing so as not to break any rules at his own studio!

After Dirty Dancing came out, it seemed like every role offered him from here on out was just another variation of this bad boy persona. Although he never quite reached those heights again, there are still plenty of great films worth checking out for fans of Patrick – My Own Private Idaho (1991), Red Dawn


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