Father Knows Best, a show that aired from 1954-1960 on ABC, was about the Andersons: Jim is an insurance agent and his wife Margaret stays at home with their three children. The cast of Father Knows Best went on to do many other things after the show ended in 1960.

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This blog post will discuss where they are now! Cast members: Jim Anderson – Robert Young Margaret Anderson – Jane Wyatt Kathy Anderson – Eve Plumb Jeffrey “J.D.”/James Jr./Jamie- Michael Shea, Johnny Whitaker and Brian Keith respectively on the show’s final season when it switched to syndication.

(The three had also played brothers in another ABC sitcom, Family Affair.) The actor portraying J.D., Michael Shea, was replaced by Johnny Whitaker due to a contract dispute with the studio after two seasons; at that point he became Jamie for one season before being written out of the series altogether following his father Jim’s remarriage and assumption of a new surname as part of an insurance company merger plot


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