The Cast when Damage Taken setup is a powerful defensive strategy, as it allows the player to cast spells at no mana cost only after taking damage. This can be combined with other skills and items to create a potent mix of offense and defense. In this guide, we will take an in-depth look at how to get started with this build! Existing post: N/A This is what we’re looking for! Good work. Please continue to write the next sentences of the long-form content and don’t forget about any numbers or bullet points that you may need. Here’s an example paragraph where there are some numbers in it – “..the player can trigger a spell with Cast when Damage Taken by taking damage from enemies nearby.” Here’s another sentence with a number as well, “The level should be set at the maximum possible minus one so that it triggers more often but does not go off too many times.” *”Cast when Damage Lost,” now called “Enduring Cry”* has been reworked into a new skill called Enduring Cry which


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