No, this is not a post about casting spells when damage is taken in an online game. It’s about the new feature introduced by Diablo II that allows players to cast skills at specific times, such as when their health drops below a certain percentage or they receive a critical hit.

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This article will discuss how this new system works and its benefits for players who are looking to optimize their gameplay experience. – The new system is called Cast on Damage Taken (CwDT) and it allows players to set up skills that activate under specific conditions.

As soon as the condition occurs, such as receiving a critical hit or losing more than 25% of their health points in one attack, the skill will cast automatically without any input from the player. This frees up time for other tasks while still being able to defend yourself against powerful monsters.

– Critical hits are not always guaranteed so if you have another skill setup with CwDT then you’ll be prepared when they happen. Even though these spells do not guarantee an instant kill every time, they can help make your life easier by healing damage off enemies or weakening them enough for your character’s next attack


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