Many people think that cats are cold and unfriendly animals. But this little kitten has just seen a flower for the first time, and can’t handle it! The kitten starts playing with the flower, as if it was a toy. He tries to lick and eat the pretty petals. But when he’s not hungry for food this little one is hungry for affection! This cat just can’t stop cuddling his new friend and won’t let go of the stem even after tearing off some flowers in his enthusiasm! It doesn’t matter how old you are or where you live- we all love getting surprises from our friends and family members that make us happy, am I right? And luckily for this lovable kitty there were plenty more surprises waiting at home so he could enjoy them again..and again..and again 😁😍🐱❀️ This lovely video is just another example of how important it is to spend quality time with your pets. It can be so easy for busy people- especially those who work from home like me!- to let the cat out and bring him in at night without really making any other contact, but this story proves that taking a few minutes each day to play or cuddle up together will make your pet feel loved 😊 I hope you enjoyed watching this precious kitten find his new friend tooπŸ’•It’s clear he hasn’t forgotten about their first meeting even hours later as they’re still playing joyfully with one another 😍😘❀️ This post was sponsored by: __ (insert company name) __


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