The lyrics from Eminem’s song “Catch Me If You Can” are about a man who is trying to escape the law. The first verse starts with him in jail, and then he talks about how his wife left him because she was tired of waiting for him. He then goes on to say that he got out of jail by telling the guard that he needed to visit his lawyer, but instead went straight back home. When he came home, his wife had taken their daughter and left for good. The second verse starts with him sitting in his car, and then it talks about how he drove past his old house and saw that the police were there. He says that they were raiding the place, so he knew that they found out where he was living now from looking at his mail or something like that. The chorus is a part of this verse after both verses have been told when Eminem sings “Catch me if you can.” This song has some references to other songs by Eminem such as Lose Yourself when ideas are being thrown around for what people might say about him while he’s on stage performing. Some lines also reference drugs (like heroin) which could be used as an example of what one does during their time off running


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