Many people spend years planning their wedding, which is why it’s important to stay organized from the start. The following apps will help you keep track of all your event details and ensure that you don’t miss a thing! Planning a Wedding? The Best Apps to Help You Stay Organized — Event Planning: – Planner Plus- iCalendar+ (iOS)- Google Calendar (Android)| – Wedding Budgeting: – Bank app- Mint Bills & Accounts- Personal Capital| – Invitation Design: – Instagram | Twitter- Canva | Adobe Photoshop– Checklists for Vendors:​ ​* Venue check lists​ * Caterer check lists​ * DJ or Band check list” The first app to consider is a wedding planner. The Planner Plus for iOS simplifies the process of planning your event by letting you create an “event” and then adding various tasks as needed: venue, flowers, food, etc.. The next essential app is one that keeps track of budgets; two popular apps are Mint Bills & Accounts or Personal Capital. These allow you to easily see how much money has been spent on vendors so far in order to budget appropriately.  This article could not have been written without referencing the list-making capabilities offered by Instagram (@catlinelaine), Twitter (canva) and Adobe Photoshop – all three make it easy to keep tabs on what needs doing before the big day arrives! Finally,


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