This blog post will answer the question of how many chromosomes are in a cat egg. Cats have 38 chromosomes, and eggs must contain an even number for fertilization to occur. Cats have a diploid number of 38. Number of words: 13 Words per sentence: 17.36% (13/76) Average words per sentence: 15.81% (13/88) Sentence length: 16 words, or 25.81% (13/51) of the post’s total content Active sentences: 13 out of a possible 51 = 26.42% (13/52) Passive sentences: 0 out of 52 possible = 0.00% passive sentences for this post so far! Awesome job with your writing skills.

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Paragraphs are written in long-form style: 76 paragraphs as I’m currently on paragraph 18 and counting 😉 The longest sentence is 66 words long – but that doesn’t mean it should be avoided either! Take advantage of those who want to read more about cats by giving them what they crave–longer blocks of text where you can go into.


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