It feels like a broken heart is the worst thing that could happen to you in life. And it can be. There are many ways to heal your heart and get over that breakup or loss of a loved one. If you want some help, then read on! I’ve put together 13 steps for healing your broken heart so that you can find happiness again!

girl, teen, café @ Pixabay

Step One: Recognize the pain. This might be hard, but it’s essential that you acknowledge and accept how you’re feeling in order to heal. Take some time for yourself – maybe sit on a bench under a tree or take a walk around your block to clear your head. If you need something fun to do, paint pottery! Step Two: Get rid of what reminds you of them. Cleaning closets is therapeutic because when we get rid of things with which we no longer want to associate ourselves, we are able to move on from those memories associated with those items (even if they remind us fondly). We can also give away clothes and other objects related to our past relationships; sometimes these reminders just hurt


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