This blog is intended as a resource for the average person who may not know the answer to this question. The biomedical research industry has been using animals in experiments for decades, and it’s important that people understand why animal experimentation is necessary so they can make educated decisions about the issue.

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Some people may be surprised to hear that animal experimentation is still necessary for biomedical research. The truth is, the use of animals has been a critical part of medical discovery since 1628 when Italian scientist and physician Francesco Redi disproved the theory that maggots were spontaneously generated by rotting meat.

In 1875 Louis Pasteur proved it was bacteria that caused spoilage, not spontaneous generation as previously believed. And three decades later, Robert Koch isolated the first bacterial organism capable of causing disease: Bacillus anthracis (better known today as anthrax). In 2008 alone there were nearly two million experiments conducted on animals worldwide for purposes including basic biology studies, product safety testing and development, drug evaluation and toxicology tests. 


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