A new electric skateboard is sweeping the market and has been making waves on Reddit and across the internet. This redo Electric Skateboard has a sleek design, powerful motor, extended battery life, and best of all: Bluetooth connectivity.

That’s right, this amazing redo Skateboard review has wireless bluetooth control so you can use your smartphone as a remote!

1. Product Design(Front/Back)

The redo Electric Skateboard is an innovative e-skate with a perfect balance between portability and power. This is the first electric skateboard equipped with a powerful motor, but also has a lightweight carbon fiber body. This redo Electric Skateboard is compact, sleek, has a powerful motor and extended battery. They have such a cool design with their custom logo and blue tinted lights on the deck.

2. Battery Life:

The redo Electric Skateboard has a 2000mah battery and can run up to 40 miles per charge so it’ll last multiple hours of riding. For the amount of power it has, this redo is pretty amazing! The batteries are removable so you can swap them out if they die to keep riding longer!

3. Price:

This redo Electric Skateboard is currently on a discount for $399.99 ( $500 value) but it will be back to the regular price of $500 shortly so grab it while you can!

This redo Electric Skateboard is a must have for the holiday season and would make the perfect gift! Great deal on a great product!  

4. Speed:

With a powerful motor and extended battery, you won’t have to worry about having to stop to charge this redo Electric Skateboard. This redo Electric Skateboard can reach up to 28 mph so it’s plenty fast enough for you! The acceleration will make you feel like a pro as you gain speed so quickly!

5. Remote:

The redo Electric Skateboard comes with a wireless bluetooth remote that you can connect to your smartphone. This is the same remote that’s used for the IO Hawk which is an electric skateboard with a max speed of 22 mph. The bluetooth remote is really nice because it has a comfy feel in your hands and has button controls for forwards, backwards, brake and speed up. The remote syncs with your smartphone so you can easily control it from there!

6. Safety:

This redo Electric Skateboard has added safety features with its high traction wheels, one piece deck, and high quality components. The Thumper motor is great for power and strength as it’s a 900 watt motor! The redo Electric Skateboard has dual brakes that are great for stopping fast when needed and the deck lights up with blue lights which makes visibility easier.

7. Weight:

This redo Electric Skateboard is pretty light so it’s easy to pick up and carry around, especially with the remote controlling it! The redo Electric Skateboard is lightweight, easy to carry and has an extendable handle. So with it being lightweight you can take this redo anywhere!

8. Storage:

This redo Electric Skateboard has storage slots on the front of the deck so you can carry your phone, keys, wallet etc. The redo Electric Skateboard has a nice compartment in the front so you can store your phone in there. It also comes with a charging cable and free stickers so you can customize it even more!

9. App:

The redo App is really cool because it gives you all the best riding locations and has a mapping feature so you can get around easier. This redo Electric Skateboard has an app that lets you control certain functions on the board but I haven’t used it so I don’t know how good/bad it is yet.

10. Range:

The redo Electric Skateboard can last up to 10 miles per charge but can go further if you don’t use the throttle as much or use it at lower speeds. This redo Electric Skateboard has 40 miles of range which is pretty good for its price! I was expecting it to have less range but it’s actually pretty impressive!

11. Deck:

The deck is nice and long, so it’s really easy to ride. I usually ride on the kickboards with my parents and this redo Electric Skateboard is super easy to use. The deck on the redo Electric Skateboard is made with maple and bamboo so it’s strong and comfortable for your feet. It’s even water resistant so you can go out in the rain/snow and not ruin your board!

12. Battery Charging Time:

This redo Electric Skateboard charges up in 3 hours so you can get back on the road as fast as possible. The charging cable is USB-C so you can use a USB-C wall charger or plug it into your computer to charge up. The battery charging time is 3 – 4 hours so it’s fast enough that you won’t have to wait long before riding again.


This redo Electric Skateboard is a great purchase for anyone looking to get an electric skateboard. It has bluetooth connectivity and is stylish so you can ride around wherever you want! It’s on sale right now for $399. Overall this redo Electric Skateboard is a great buy and it’s only going to get better as more people learn about it and get it. The price is good for the amount of features that this redo has so make sure you grab one before they sell out!

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