Citigroup is a large financial institution that provides a broad range of financial services to millions of clients in the United States and abroad. Citigroup is a financial services company and a financial services company as its primary business activity of providing a broad range of financial services to millions of customers in the United States and abroad. Citigroup is headquartered in New York City.

Citigroup is a financial institution that provides a broad range of financial services to millions of clients in the United States and abroad. The company has more than $12 trillion in assets.

We’re not sure what a financial institution is, but we know that Citigroup is a bank, so our interest is in understanding how it conducts business. We’re especially interested in the types of clients that it serves because they are the type of customers who are most likely to take their money out of Citigroup. The company has about 50 million customers and over $1 trillion in assets, so the people who it serves are probably the biggest customers.

Citigroup’s CEO, Vikram Pandit, is not known for being a fun person to talk to, so it’s not a surprise that Citigroup is in the news a lot. So are the people who work there. They are so busy running one of the most important financial institutions in the world that they don’t have time for fun. So we’ll have to wait and see if more details will surface.

When you see Citigroup ads on TV or on the Internet, it often sounds like the only reason they are being advertised is to sell you stuff. But that is not the case. They are the target of a very nasty campaign that has been going on since 2009. Citigroup is one of the worst performing companies on Wall Street, and they have made a lot of bad decisions that have led to the downfalls of other banks over the years.

Many of you know Citigroup as one of the banks that made the biggest blunder of all time when it took a $6.5 billion loan from the U.S. government to buy Lehman Brothers, the largest bank failure in history. Citigroup’s own accounting practices led to the massive losses of the company, and the bank was forced to sell a lot of its assets to pay off the government’s huge losses.

To help us understand Citigroup’s problems we need to turn to the company’s annual report, which gives a pretty clear picture of what happened during the most recent financial crisis. The financial crisis was caused by Citigroup’s accounting practices, which led to its failure, as well as by the bank’s lending practices, which led to its subsequent bankruptcy.

In general, Citigroup is a highly profitable business and is one of the biggest players in the financial world. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that it can afford to be completely open and transparent about every aspect of its business. In fact, there are all sorts of rules and regulations that need to be followed and are enforced. The rules and regulations and practices that the bank must follow are, in many ways, what cause the financial crisis and the whole Citigroup mess.

The Citigroup financial crisis was caused by all sorts of rules and regulations that the bank was unable to follow. One of the most important things that were not adhered to was the fact that the bank had too many branches. This caused a huge amount of the bank to fail, but it didn’t have to be like this. A lot of the people who made a lot of money from the banking industry had a vested interest in keeping their jobs as long as they could.

Citigroup had too many branches, which was more than most banks. For the most part they were just a bank that only had one or two branches at most. They were not a bank that had a very large amount of business. Citigroup was the first bank to be fined for manipulating its books. They were fined $50million for manipulating their books, which was the third largest penalty ever.


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