With most advertising methods, the consumers are pretty much aware that they’re being marketed to. With conventional advertising methods, you will find creative ways to get a company’s name out there, but many times it may lead to a serious drop in business. That is because some of these companies might have lost their customers as they failed to integrate new technology and communication strategies into their marketing plans. Now is the time for Laguna beach bicycle rental to start capitalizing on newer methods of marketing and advertising without losing their audience. 


The long term goal for this company should be the balance of awareness and revenue, with an increased awareness in tandem with an increased future revenue rate. Laguna Beach bicycle rental is known for their success in the bike rental industry as they continue to maintain and create new marketing methods on a regular basis. Many people may not realize that traditional forms of advertising is becoming more and more costly, in order to compete with giants such as Laguna beach bicycle rental Direct Mail. “Direct mail is one of the most expensive ways to reach your audience with an advertising message” (Sylvia). Sending out a large amount of direct mail pieces can be expensive, even if you have only a 1 percent success rate for it. This means that of every 100 direct mail pieces you send out, you will only get 1 person to call your number or visit your website.


Conventional Advertising Methods That Will Jeopardize Laguna Beach Bicycle Rental :

1. Newspaper Ads


One of the most traditional forms of advertising is your local newspaper. While newspapers are a great way to reach a large audience in a short period, they’re usually overpriced and ineffective. “In today’s digital age, many people turn to the internet for their news than they would to a printed newspaper” (Zweig).

2. Local Television and Radio


From commercials to local commercials, there are ways that companies can reach you through television and radio. “Many consumers do not pay attention at all when exposed to television or radio advertisements” (Zweig).

3. Home Ad Slot


Advertising through your local newspaper or radio stations can often seem like the best deals around. This is because they offer you a chance to have your product exposed to thousands of people in your area, and you will not have to pay a lot of money either. The only problem is that this form of marketing will take a while to be effective, since the majority of people are doing the opposite of what companies paid for. The trick to advertising through these conventional methods is that you need to mix these with newer methods such as social media marketing and search engine optimization (SEO).

4. Yellow Pages


Another conventional form of advertising is through the yelp book. This seems to be a great way to reach a wide number of people, but because it is so expensive, you may have to cut some expenses in order to ensure that it is successful. The main reason why this business is so expensive is because every time someone looks up an hourly rate for a service or product that they need, they will often look through the local business’s phone book listings before contacting them. While this method might be effective in some cases, most people will search for offers on the internet before buying from a local business such as Laguna Beach Bicycle Rental .


5. Trade Shows


“Trade shows have been a very effective way for companies to build brand recognition, communicating the value of their product to all the delegates in attendance at their event” (Zweig). So what is so great about this marketing method? Well, remember that one out of every four people you hire are likely to be there, and they are empty handed. This means that they will often be hungry or thirsty and require some service to provide them with water or snacks during the event. For example, Laguna Beach Bicycle Rental may want to hand out sample products, table tents or even free coupons for people who come along and see them at these trade shows.

6. Social Media


“With social media platforms, companies can reach more and more people where they are rather than where a few people are” (Zweig). With social media marketing, you can connect with thousands of potential customers every day through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. These days there are even tools that help you pay for advertising on social media sites such as AdRoll or Google AdWords . The key to using these is to monitor your target audience and their demographics so that you can create the best ads for your budget. Consider the different methods of advertising and use what works best for you.

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