Just like shoes are for well-dressed outfits, floor rugs are for the home. These textiles transform how the entire indoor space is defined. Floor decor rugs blend in harmoniously with your living spaces and help you create a statement.

Create fabulous interiors with gorgeous floor decor in the form of carpets, rugs and traditional dhurries. Rugs sporting different weaves, colour tones and patterns are game changers for the look and feel of a room.

The Difference a Floor Rug Makes

  1. Visual pathways

The beautiful painting-like forms on the rug draw the eye and liven up the living space. Floor decor rugs help create visual lines between parts of a room or hallway, either unifying them or creating clear separations. Make each room flow from one to another.

  1. Visual interest

Have fun decorating and coordinating the look of the floor rug and cushions, curtains, and decor accents. If one large rug or wall-to-wall carpet doesn’t do the trick, you can go for multiple smaller-sized rugs and mix and match or create a layered look. Either the rug contributes its own personality with bold patterns, pronounced textures, rainbow colours and jewel tones, or its neutral, muted or minimal look smoothly becomes a background to furniture, fixtures, and paintings and photographs on the wall.

Its tone also changes the mood of the room. Brighten up the living room, bedroom, dressing table area, and other spaces with warmth and colour.

  1. Comforting feel

With the right care and maintenance, decor rugs and carpets retain their soft, luxurious feel for long periods and feel soothing under one’s feet. Depending on the look and fabric of the rug, they also make for great carpeting in little cosy corners in children’s rooms.

  1. Acoustics of the room

Home textiles like rugs and curtains are not only versatile visual accents. They are a great way to absorb sound and make the space feel more relaxed.

To Sum Up

Luxury floor rugs come in a range of materials like plush wool (sometimes mixed with viscose), handwoven jute, and vibrant threads of hemp and polycotton. They feature nature-inspired motifs, geometric lines and leitmotifs, artistic abstract patterns, dreamy colour palettes, and interesting highlights like tassels.

You can creatively uplift the indoor space with carpets and rugs that serve practical purposes in their own way. Browse designer collections of highly recommended home and living products on sites like Ajio Luxe, Myntra Luxe, Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop, Tata CliQ Luxury, and more. Find brands like Jaipur Rugs, H2H, Mason Homes, and Lena Ladakh Pashmina.


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