Recent news headlines like “Dog Poop Toothpaste” and “Dog Food Flavored Dog Treats” have caused a stir about the health risks of eating dog treats. It’s not hard to find articles online about the alleged dangers. The problem with this is that many of them are written by writers who don’t know the first thing about nutrition and its relationship to dogs. Petsmart cbd dog treats  are a great way to make a dog’s life a little easier.  I will go into different disadvantages of dog treats, so that by the time you get to the end, you’ll be ready to start giving your pup just one or two a day.

The following is a list of disadvantages of dog treats and some tips on how to avoid them. Many dog owners find themselves at a loss as to what they can do with their pets in terms of feeding them while they’re on-the-go, how much treats should be given or if there even is any harm in giving our dogs these types of products. 

 Disadvantages Of Dog Treats :

1. Dogs Are Carnivores:

Dogs are carnivores and their digestive systems were designed to handle raw meat. Dry dog foods and dog treats are really no different than dry human food. They’re dry, hard, crunchy things that are supposed to be chewed for a long time by a bunch of molars. If they’re not chewed, they won’t be digested. If they don’t get digested, they’ll get backed up in the stomach and won’t get passed on to the final function until it’s too late.

2. Your Dog Will Just Digest It:

Dogs have no resistance to sugars or carbs so if it’s something that is sugary or high in carbs like dried fruits, your dog is going to digest it quickly and end up with some pretty nasty gas in their tummy.  Quality dog foods are designed to maintain your dog’s healthy weight and provide essential nutrients like proteins, fats, carbohydrates and minerals so that your dog can absorb all of its nutrients efficiently. It is also important to have your dog get all of the nutrients he or she needs by eating a balanced diet.

3. You Will Get Sick:

Just like humans, dogs can get damage from certain foods. In fact, some dog foods contain ingredients that can be potentially harmful to dogs. Raw carrots, for example, contain chemicals which can cause your dog to become ill when they eat them. Another risk factor with these treats is that they are often flavored with a scent which you may not know how its effect on your doggie. 

4. There Are Weight Problems:

Some dogs get addicted to their treats and overfeed themselves trying to get all of their nutrients from just these treats. Some of these dogs end up overweight or with too much fat and can’t get rid of it because they are now addicted to the fats. If you don’t want your dog to become overweight, then don’t give him or her any treats at all. Your dog will love you for it!  Never give your dog human food, as this can cause severe health problems for him or her as well as creating a huge imbalance in the nutrients he or she receives from his usual diet.

5. You Will Feel Guilty:

Giving your dog a piece of cake with his dinner is a great idea, but do you know that using treats as rewards can make you feel guilty? Several scientific studies have shown that sweets are addictive, and that sugar can cause psychological problems and even weight gain in humans. If you want to avoid any guilt issues, stick with the high protein dog food made by reputable brands like Wellness.

6. Dogs Should Not Eat Too Much Dog Treats:

Some dogs may think that it’s okay to eat all their treats at one sitting when they get fatter than they should be or if all of his friends in his family are also getting bigger than they should be. This causes your dog to feel like they will never be able to live up to the next generation.

7. It Could Cause Allergies:

The ingredients in some treats and foods can cause allergies, in humans as well as dogs, so always make sure that you know exactly what ingredients are in the treat that you’re feeding your dog. 

8. You Can Make Your Dog Fat:

If your dog is overweight, then he’s more susceptible to diabetes, heart disease and even osteoporosis when not eating enough high protein food .  By overfeeding with high carb foods and rewards for good behavior, you are essentially making him fat and causing long-term health problems for your dog.

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