With summertime in full swing, beauty needs to be on your mind. And don’t worry if you’re not into the whole “beauty routine” thing. 


We’ve got you covered with DIY beauty hacks, which are perfect because they take minutes, not hours!


There’s everything from how to get rid of your smelly feet to how to get beachy waves without drying out your hair. 


Here at fomoconews.com/ has some more best DIY summer beauty hacks.


You’ll feel so much more confident knowing that at least one part of your appearance is totally under control this season!


Here we will discuss some more DIY summer beauty hacks-


1.Fruit for a hair mask


This is a cheap and a very effective way of getting your hair look healthy and shiny. Take half an avocado, mash it up and apply it to your hair. 


Now wrap your head with a hot towel or cover it with a plastic bag so you can keep the heat in. After about an hour, rinse off the avocado and shampoo as usual.


2.Shower cap for tanning lotion


I bet you didn’t know that shower caps are perfect for tanning! Just put some tanning lotion all over yourself, don’t forget your back, legs, arms, chest then put the shower cap on top of yourself so the lotion doesn’t go anywhere. Now take a shower and rinse it off! 


3.Deodorant for your blades

Soap under your armpits? How easy is it to get irritated and break it down to the core? If you’re like me, you might want to think twice next time. Soap doesn’t get rid of all germs, which would mean it’ll make your blades even harder to maintain their sharpness. 


This trick is simple: Take a deodorant and put enough on your blade, rub it around and make sure there’s no soap anywhere. 


You might feel slightly uncomfortable to apply deodorant on the blade because of the lack of flexibility in the plastic but trust me; this trick works like a charm.


4.Glycerin for your lips


Forget plumping lip glosses! For beautiful and naturally plump lips, add a few drops of glycerin to your lip balm and mix it up. You don’t need to put lipstick on because this trick makes your lips look fuller! And don’t worry about sticky-ness either, glycerin absorbs very quickly.  


Before you go out and splash the cash on the high-end beauty products, try this one: Mix a little bit of honey with olive oil and mix well. 


Now apply it to your face and neck, massage in circular motions for about 3 minutes. Let it sit there for 15 minutes before rinsing off with lukewarm water.


5.Tissues for under eye bags


You know those dark circles under your eyes? It’s not natural. It’s because you’re too tired; get enough sleep, eat good food and get some fresh air every day. 


If you’re still in a hurry, smear a tissue with honey and apply it to your under-eye bags. Honey is a natural moisturizer and yes, it’s sticky but you can just wipe it off when you’re done!


6.Avocado for rough feet


Got rough feet that no kind of scrub can fix? Time to try Avocado! Peel half an avocado and mash the inside. Now apply it to your feet and let it sit for a while. After that, wash it off with lukewarm water and you’re done!


7.Avocado for dry hair


If you have dry hair but don’t want to add tons of unnecessary products to your hair, this is a great idea: take a banana and mash it up until the consistency of honey. 


Now apply it on your scalp and run your fingers through your hair several times. Let the mixture sit there the whole night before rinsing off with warm water in the morning. 


This will give you a lovely shine in your curls without weighing them down!


8.An open window!


Sounds a little silly, but this trick could save your life one day! Especially in the summer when you stay in the house all day long and step out only to go to the grocery or run errands. 


There’s nothing worse than getting sick because of a bad pollen count and sneezing uncontrollably every 15 minutes. 

So what can we do? Open a window! The breeze can circulate across your room and keep you cool and healthy instead of getting sick!

9.Antibiotic ointment for pimples


If you’re struggling with acne, use coconut oil in combination with an antibiotic ointment. 

The antibacterial effects of coconut oil can help to cut down the overabundance of bacteria in the skin, while the antibiotic ointment can help fight off acne-causing bacteria. 


This is an ancient trick that has been used for thousands of years and it will definitely do the trick!


For a really deep treatment, you can take a normal ointment and add some essential oils to it. Lavender, tea tree oil or rosemary oil are all great choices! 


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