The purpose of this e commerce business technology society is to bring together a diverse group of individuals in the field of e commerce to share ideas and information on current trends, products, services, and market strategies.

e commerce, or the sale of goods and services via the Internet, is an increasingly popular business model that has the potential to drastically change the way we shop. It’s a lot more than just online shopping and a lot more than the typical brick and mortar store.

e commerce has become a major component of the global economy. Companies such as and use e commerce to sell their goods in a way that is significantly more efficient than traditional brick and mortar stores. e commerce is a huge business opportunity for anyone who has the inclination to develop new business models.

The biggest growth area for e commerce is the “basket case” or “disaster” retail industry. By definition, this is the type of retail store that is built on an outdated infrastructure (no cash registers, no technology, no security, etc.). This type of store needs to be revamped and reinvented to survive and thrive. It’s up to all of us to help make the change.


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