As a marketing and communications professional, I can say that there seems to be a “problem” about marketing. Some people are too focused on the message and not enough on the messenger. I think that is a mistake. You can’t just stand by the message, though that is the most important part. I think there is a disconnect between what marketing departments want and what their customers actually want, and that can lead them to be less successful than they could be.

I think marketing departments don’t want to hear the message because in the end it is pointless. Customers don’t care about message. Instead, marketing departments want to use their message to sell and convince people to buy their products. That is not only marketing, it is the whole point of marketing. The best marketing I have ever seen was when a dentist told a patient to go see a psychiatrist so he could sell a new product to her.

I think marketing departments feel the same way, but its hard to know the difference. Its funny because the only thing marketers do differently is they create the message. People only care about the message that marketers give them. They don’t care about the message they make them think they care about.

So how do marketers make a message more likely to stick? One way is to make the message more memorable. Remembering the person you are speaking to is a huge factor. For example, I recently saw a billboard which read, “Remember, that’s the most important thing you can do for your career.” One of the things that makes me remember the message is that it was in the exact same font as the sign that I was signing my contract with.

That billboard is a great example of this. I remember the message, but not the sign, because I’m still processing what I just read. The two things are pretty similar in that respect, but the message is much more memorable than the sign.

When you can remember the message, but not the sign, then you have this problem called “remember but not remember.” The issue is that, like most of the signs we see, your memories are stored in the brain in a way which makes them more or less forgettable.

What this means is that the sign that you see is not just a part of your mind, but also of your brain. As a result, the sign that you see may not even be the same person or even the same location or even the same building. It could be that you’re seeing the same person in the same location, but that person has a different memory of the sign that they’re seeing.

What’s more, if your sign doesn’t make you feel good, if your sign makes you feel bad, then it certainly doesn’t mean that the owner of the sign is the same person with the memory of the sign.

That is why the sign of a good business or a good person should always be the same person, i.e. the sign that you see, even though theyre there, you don’t know who they are.

It is very hard to remember the name of the sign that youve seen, especially if youve seen it several times. The person who created the sign i.e. the sign maker has to be the same person who signs the sign to be sure that youre seeing the same sign.


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