Email marketing is still the most popular advertising tool used by businesses. This means it’s also quite lucrative. 


Here at has some more information about the email marketing v/s social media marketing.


Email marketing has many advantages over social media, but it does have drawbacks too, including lower conversion rates and response rates that are oftentimes well below industry standards.


Here are some points to compare Email Marketing v/s Social Media Marketing:-

1. Targeting.

You can target people on social media, but it’s more like shotgun. On the other hand you can really narrow down the list in an Email marketing campaign.


2. Frequency.

You can send your message once in social media but in email its again and again with every information session update. That is why email has a higher conversion rate than social media .


Precision targeting is a big reason why email marketing has a far better return on investment (ROI) than social media marketing. You can target people who have demonstrated an interest in your business through their website visits and purchases.

3. Analysis.

You can easily analyze how well the campaign is doing in Email marketing, whereas it is very difficult to find out what the statistics are in Facebook or twitter or any other socially linked platform.


Facebook ads are also not measurable in terms of performance measurement. This makes it hard for most people to create measurable ad campaigns on Facebook and Twitter only, restricting its success for most businesses.

However, if you want to measure your social media budgets and analyze the results (for example you get more sales), then having a Facebook or Google AdWords account might be a good idea.

4. Efficiency.

You can choose the right day and time for your Email marketing. It is very easy to manage and guide the campaign and reach the target audience so that they receive more than one impression of your email campaign. 


You can also choose multiple platforms for your campaign, unlike social media campaigns where it is only one platform.


5. Cost.

Email marketing is cost effective, and it is cheaper than social media marketing. It is not cost-effective to use social media for marketing your business. 


You can get more reach and impressions with email, but you will pay the same price regardless of the reach and impressions you get on email compared to social media.


6. Time.

You can control your time according to your working schedule and need and reduce the time you spend on Social Media. Most people like email marketing because it’s more convenient than Social Media which is new, fresh and fast-paced right across the entire day .


7. Better value for dollars spent . 

Because email marketing has a relatively low cost per thousand compared with many paid social media platforms, you can target a more precise group of people with a lower cost per lead or sale made.


On the other hand, in social media you pay the same amount per click regardless of the results you get from it.

8. Improved ROI . 

Email marketing has a higher ROI compared to social media. In Email Marketing you can tell when your message is opening and when people are clicking on links within your email. You can also see if they have opened or read your email and therefore increase the open rates, which again will help to improve your ROI.


In social media it is very difficult to know what is going on, whereas in email marketing it is clear and easy to understand what is going on.

9. More control over deliverability .

Social media has a lot of noise and clutter, and there might be a situation when your message will get lost in such clutter. Your message may also get lost or caught in filters of social media platforms like Facebook’s news feed algorithm.


However, email is less cluttered and more targeted. It can’t get lost, caught or filtered out by the platform because there is no algorithm that controls its delivery like the news feed algorithm on Facebook and Twitter.

10. Less reliance on others .

Unlike social media where your success is reliant on others or how many followers you have, you can send more emails to an average number of people than you could post to an average number of followers on social media.

11. Lower cost of acquisition .

When you use email marketing as a form of content marketing, you don’t need to spend on the paid advertisement on social media platforms. 


You can always use your email drip campaign and send messages to your email list and people who have already subscribed to the list and they will open and read it.


This will be a great way to attract people and open them up to your offer. This will help you improve the ROI of your campaign.

12. Reliability.

One of the advantages of sending email compared to social media is that you can be sure that your message won’t be deleted by the recipient at the end of the day because it will be stored in their inbox.

Other social media sites cannot guarantee this, so you can’t rely on user-generated content.

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