If you live in a city like San Francisco and other cities in California, you may notice certain areas with large numbers of bicycles locked up on the sidewalk. Most of these bikes are designed to be ridden by children or for recreational activities. However, some of these bikes are being used as public transportation. Needless to say, this can pose a problem for pedestrians with disabilities who may need alternate routes or paths to get through the city due to an off street parking space that is inaccessible. Abus wheel lock 5650l nr is one product that may help you to solve this problem.


You are probably wondering why you should buy an Abus wheel lock 5650l nr to use in your home or business. You may be concerned that installing these lockers will be too much work for people with disabilities and the elderly, due to difficult installation and maintenance requirements. In fact, some of these locks are easier to use than others.


Facts About Abus Wheel Lock 5650l Nr That Will Make You Think Twice :

1. The Abus wheel lock 5650l nr is simple to install.


One of the reasons why people prefer the Abus wheel lock 5650l nr for bike parking and storage is that it is quite simple to install. The most basic assembly consists of nothing more than setting the wheels of your bike in place, setting a number combination and pushing a button to set the combination into memory. After that, you attach a cable and lock it up with your bike. It only takes about five minutes from start to finish.

2. It’s easy to use and doesn’t take up too much room.


The Abus wheel lock 5650l nr is a great choice for the elderly because it is simple to use and doesn’t take up much room. You simply punch in your chosen combination, attach the bike and lock it up to a bike rack.

3. It is secure enough for many applications.


The Abus wheel lock 5650l nr has been designed with theft prevention as one of its main functions in mind. The cables have been designed to be cut resistant and are over three inches thick, making them harder to cut or break through by thieves with battery operated or handheld saws.

4. It’s easy to lock up your bike to guarantee peace of mind.


The Abus wheel lock 5650l nr is also designed to provide peace of mind for those who store their bicycles with it. It is so secure that thieves can’t get their hands on anything but the bike itself when they have your lock in hand. You can trust that the wheels of your bicycle are securely locked up and that no one else will be able to steal them or tamper with them in any way.


The Abus wheel lock 5650l nr is a solid choice for those who want a durable and secure way to store their bicycle. It is designed to stand up to the elements and will last you for years. You can use it inside or outdoors and it comes with a rain cover, in case of inclement weather. In fact, many businesses choose this lock due to its weather resistance and its overall durability. You can be sure that your bike will be safe from theft when you choose the Abus wheel lock 5650l nr for yourself or for your business.

5. The Abus wheel lock 5650l nr has a strong construction.


If you have been searching for a great way to store your bicycle, you may have found that many of the options on the market either don’t seem to be able to stand up to the elements or are difficult to set up and maintain. The Abus wheel lock 5650l nr is a great choice for storing your bicycle because it is designed to withstand rain and other types of inclement weather without rusting or being damaged by it. It can also be stored indoors without any ill effects.

6. It’s tough enough to prevent thieves from stealing your wheels or frame.


If you want to be on the safe side, you may want to choose a bike that is designed to prevent theft in the first place. If this is you case, then the Abus wheel lock 5650l nr is the right choice. It can stop thieves from stealing your wheels or frame. Even if they take your wheel off, they will have a hard time trying to get it fixed because they will have no way of getting their hands on the wheel itself.

7. It’s affordable and affordable for almost everyone . . .


Many people don’t mind buying expensive items when it comes to protecting their bicycles, but sometimes it may seem like an unnecessary expense if you do not need something that fancy or complicated.

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