A Google search for the word drug test, popularly used in the context of employee testing, returns over 640 million results. An overwhelming number of these pages are typically about drug and alcohol detection kits. In fact, if you were to only search for online drug tests or online drug testing services on Google, you will find 536 million more results! That’s a lot of information that can quickly become overwhelming. Does tj maxx drug test 2021 really need all of this information? It’s like saying that you need to have all of your teeth removed just in case one tooth is rotten! 

There are five facts about drug testing that you should know. These are simple yet powerful facts that you need to keep in mind. These five facts will help you understand the purpose of drug tests and how they can be used to your advantage, compared to how they are normally used by your employer against you. Plus, we’ll take a look at the myths and misunderstandings surrounding drug testing so that you can better prepare for what can be a harrowing experience for anyone who is subjected to it. We’ll also discuss how to pass a drug test using certain detox kits or home remedies.

In a desperate attempt at finding any information about them, people who are thinking about getting a drug test for themselves or for their employees often become victims of overzealous Internet marketers. Sites that provide basic drug tests at incredibly low prices will also get into your field of view. Some sites will even make seemingly revolutionary claims that they can beat any drug test. Others claim they can help you pass them. While these kinds of promises may seem enticing, they are highly unlikely and should be avoided like the plague.

Five Mind Numbing Facts About Drug Test :

1. These companies will provide you with the results of your drug test. 


The only thing they give you is snippets of information like “You passed”, “you failed”, or nothing in between these two options. However, the test results are not reliable because there are numerous factors that can influence the outcome of your drug test. In order to be completely sure about the outcome of a drug test it is best to have that test performed by a laboratory in a certified facility. A laboratory performs a test that is based on empirical evidence, not on a quasi-science. It would be better to have your blood drawn in the presence of a doctor and checked for actual presence of drugs.

2. They will provide you with information about urine–based drug testing kits.


A urine-based drug test is the most commonly used method for employment or criminal legal purposes. The kits are available at low cost and in some cases can be purchased online. While these kits may be affordable, they are unreliable and you end up wasting your hard-earned money on something that doesn’t do the job properly.

3. They will provide you with information about hair-based drug testing kits.


For decades, the government and military have used hair-based drug tests to detect the recent use of drugs. These tests are significantly more accurate than urine-based test kits as they can detect drugs that are days old and can tell you how much of a certain drug is present in your body. A hair test also provides a reliable history of your drug use over a longer period of time. This is because when compared to urine samples, hair samples provide a longer window for detection of drugs. Even though hair-based drug testing kits are much more expensive, they are also much more reliable.

4. They will provide you with information about saliva-based drug testing kits.


Saliva test kits still require being administered by a licensed lab, but they can be used for drugs like marijuana and cocaine that can be detected in saliva for days after their use. The downside of this method is that it requires the presence of saliva to be performed within one hour of ingestion of the substance.

5. They will provide you with information about hair as a detection method.


It is possible that drug testing companies will promote the use of hair-based testing kits. These kits are inexpensive and can be purchased online to use for the purpose of detecting drugs several days after their use. However, there would be no need for these to be used if there were a reliable blood test available. The problem is that drugs can easily remain in your blood for days and even weeks after their consumption and their presence in your hair does not provide a reliable history.

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