In Mexican culture, the man or woman who is “in charge of” making Birria is called Birriero. This person must have both a thorough knowledge of the preparation and must be able to make great birria at an impressive pace. Birria is complicated simply delicious. Its name can be translated as something that is “difficult or complex to do”. These ingredients are also quite simple: goat meat, milk (or water), vinegar, oregano, bay leaves and salt are most often used in this dish. In addition, some cooks use tomatoes and jalapeño in their recipes.

Birria can be made with goat or sheep meat (or both together). You can use “jamon” or shoulder meat for your Birria, but the cuts of meat with more fat will make for a better dish. The milk is used to tenderize the meat so it can cook quickly and retain its juices. During the process of cooking, the milk and vinegar mixture turns into a sauce that covers all the ingredients, like a blanket. The oregano and bay leaves add a delicate aroma to the dish. Salt is added at the end to taste and complete this wonderful dish.

Regardless of what you’re going to do with it, birria can make for a delicious meal! If you want to learn how to make this recipe from scratch- here’s what you need! First of all, you want to brine your meat. Brining is the process of soaking meat in a salt water solution. You can use any combination of salt and water. The process of brining is quite simple: Place your meat in a plastic or metal container, cover it completely with the solution, then cover the container and refrigerate it for 6 to 24 hours. After that you’ll need to rinse off the excess salt (especially if you were using table salt) and re-season your goat with fresh herbs and spices.

Five Quick Tips For Making Birria :

1. Save time by using a Crock Pot! (see the “how-to” video below)

There are a lot of steps to preparing birria and they can take quite a while to complete. Why? Well, the birria needs to cook in the liquid for 6–8 hours, that’s why! Let’s use a crock pot as an example. By letting your meat slowly cook in its own juices, you avoid having to closely watch it as it simmers on the stove top. 

Just put your goat meat and all of your ingredients in the pot, cover it and let simmer all day. When it’s all ready, you can then use a slotted spoon to transfer the meat out of the pot and serve it. You can even remove the bones (if you want) or leave them in, they don’t make much difference.

2. Use a crock pot as an alternative method!

You can also avoid all this work by using your slow cooker instead – just prepare your ingredients like normal and let them cook for 6–8 hours. By doing this, you’ll save a lot of time and energy that would have otherwise been spent on straining, rinsing, etcetera. The meat should be tender!

3. Buy a fresh goat – the taste is much better!

If you buy your goat locally, you’ll get a better taste by doing so. The quality of the meat will be truly top-notch. The best way to tell a fresh goat from an old one is by looking at its hair coat, this animal had been there for some time, so it shouldn’t have much hair. Don’t use anything but fresh meat and don’t let the meat sit in the fridge for more than two days (this will make it turn brown). Make sure you wash it thoroughly before cooking, otherwise your birria will have an unpleasant taste.

4. Clean your meat – properly.

If you’re using a fresh goat, you can skip this step and use the meat straight away, though we don’t recommend it! As with every other ingredient, even hot water won’t do much! You must wash the goat completely to get rid of any fleas or ticks that might be present in the animal’s hair or skin (this is important because these animals are often exposed to various diseases). 

Then you need to use several tablespoons of salt and sugar so that it’ll be completely bleached. Finally, you’ll need to rinse everything off and pat the meat dry. That’s the hard part!

5. Use the right herbs and spices, this is important!

There are many types of herbs and spices that you can use when making birria. Traditionally, Mexican cooks would use a combination of oregano and marjoram (atole). This mixture is used to give it a slight aroma. If you want to add more flavor to your plate you can also add garlic powder, ground cumin as well as salt and pepper (these are optional though).

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