If you’ve been looking for a way to clear the Taking Cerberos for a Walk Vault of Tartaros, then look no further! We’ve got some tips and tricks that’ll help you clear your first level of Tartaros with ease.


The Vault of Tartaros is the prison Hades placed the giant Cerberos in. As the story goes, if any mortal comes too close to Cerberos, he would start barking and send them running away in terror. 


The only way to clear this level is to make sure you can take him on without getting hurt, like an average dog. 


You’ll need at least one character who can use either fire or ice magic because one of those two elements will be your only means of defeating him.


Once you have reached the level, a green aura will start throbbing around Cerberos. This is a summon mark and as soon as one of your characters steps on it, a special cutscene will begin showing the battle between you and Cerberos. 


The objective of this battle is to protect yourself from his constant attacks. His best attack is using his jaws to swallow you whole, so anticipate this move and don’t give him too much air space to breathe in. 


Once he has swallowed you, he’ll start spitting his fireballs at you. 

Move away from him immediately after he spits them out because they’ll come flying at way faster speed than usual – definitely not worth taking a hit for.


While taking cerberos for a walk and learning a better guide! If you’re interested in taking your first walk as a guide, or just want to learn more about guides and their duties, this wiki article has everything you need.


The first thing you’ll need to do is equip the following Stratagems:

1.Disposable Watchdogs .

Provides an additional 2 rounds of protection from bear traps on this level, as well as increasing your speed rating by 25%.


2.Slyness .

Allows you to steal resources from the enemy. Can be found in Tartaros or bought in the Shop under Stratagems for 15,000 gold.


3. A Mighty Mithridates.

Provides you with an additional 6 health points when raiding a vault, making it easier to survive against the Vault’s boss if he damages you while raiding his vault. Can be found in Tartaros or bought in the Shop under Stratagems for 15,000 gold.


4.Things to watch out for in the Taking Cerberos for a Walk Vault of Tartaros.

A. Bear traps .

You can only see them once you’ve moved onto them so move carefully when approaching the vaults in this level. While they don’t deal much damage, they can quickly wear you down if you’re not careful enough. 


The Disposable Watchdogs stratagem is very useful when it comes to surviving bear traps, allowing you to pass through them without suffering any damage.


B. Doors .

At the start of the level, you’ll see 2 doors straight in front of you. You may be tempted to raid them right away, but you’ll probably find out they’re traps. Instead, go through the one straight to your left before taking down vaults so you can unlock “Lantern-bearer” and “Closed-off”. 


These two areas are where you’ll find most of the resources that are needed in order to clear this level

C. Boss .

One of the bosses found in Tartaros is found on this level. Be aware that he uses an attack called “Bashing” which will stun his targets for 2 rounds, immobilizing them in the process. 


He’ll use this attack on himself first, then on you if you’re unlucky. He’ll probably use it on himself just after he finishes his last attack. If you flat-out avoid his attacks, then you’ll be at a huge advantage.

D. Platform .

You’ll see a platform in front of you upon beginning the level, with 2 bears on it. These guys are not to be taken lightly as they can deal lots of damage to any player if they manage to hit them 3 times (66% damage/hit). 


So try not to take them down first, especially since their skills can make taking them down very difficult (they’ll jump onto their feet twice during each turn). Instead, take down the Vault in front of you before taking them down.


E. Slime in taking care of Cerberos on a walk level.

You’ll find them in the “Tower-top” area. They will keep on spawning until you clear this area out, so be sure to begin by killing off all of them so they won’t bother you anymore while your raiding vaults. 


If they are left unchecked, then chances are they’ll have dealt damage to each one of your heroes 4 times before you can even do anything about it.


Your goal on the Taking Cerberos for a Walk level is to capture 20 Vaults and use all 45 of your turns doing so. However, this is not an easy task to accomplish. The level is infested with all kinds of traps (bear traps, doors, etc.). 

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