Some people find it easy to adjust to a new time zone, while others struggle mightily. It can be very difficult if you’re traveling abroad without an understanding of the local customs and sleep schedules. But there are ways that you can help yourself to adjust more easily—here are some sleep tips for jet lag!


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1. How do you deal with jet lag?

The great variety of time zones in the world makes it practically impossible for everyone to keep track of them all at once when planning a trip, but don’t worry there’s plenty of support available on the internet . 


Packing your backpack is one important way; try reading about other travelers who have gone before and figuring out which items might be helpful in certain areas.

2. What’s the best way to get to sleep?

The more you can predict your sleep schedule, the better you will be able to adjust. Try writing down what time you go to bed, how many hours of sleep you get each night and when you wake up . 

Some people find it helpful to create a “sleep routine” that gets them into bed at a consistent time , and that makes sure they take some kind of rest before getting up.

3 . What do you eat before you go to bed?

Eating well is essential for good health on top of being needed for healthy metabolism and blood flow, it can help your body prepare for sleep by decreasing levels of fatigue hormones, like cortisol.


You need to make sure that your blood sugar is stable, and that you’re getting enough protein to avoid blood sugar fluctuations . 

Eat a healthy meal before going to sleep.


4 . Is it okay if your brain isn’t working when you wake up?

If you’re traveling from one time zone to another, you may experience some confusion or disorientation when you first wake up. This is usually very temporary, but can last for about an hour or so after waking. 


If this happens, just make sure to stay calm and go with the flow until it passes. When in a new time zone try not to drink too much alcohol at night because it will make sleeping very difficult while your body adjusts.

5.How will you know when it’s time to get up?

The best thing to do is to set an alarm for the local time. If you’re unable to do this, try keeping a watch or clock on your nightstand that’s set on the local time . 


You should try not to sleep in if there is any chance of adjusting more quickly. If you’re able to adjust quickly, it may be better for your schedule if you immediately make your adjustments instead of sleeping past your regular wake up time.


Once you’ve adjusted, however, it’s perfectly fine to keep sleeping during the same hours as before. Your jet lag is gone and does not need any extra attention!

6. What if you’re still tired?

It can be easy to think that you’re still tired after you’ve been adjusted for a while, but this is usually just your body trying to adjust to the new time it’s in by creating feelings of sleepiness.


Many people find that exercising can help them get over this fatigue, but others may do better with caffeine, in the form of tea or coffee. If you choose to exercise , try not to overdo it. Take it slow and only do as much as you feel comfortable with. 


You should also try not to eat too much too soon after exercising because it can upset your stomach and make getting back to sleep difficult.

Try to exercise in the morning or at a time when you know you’re unlikely to be sleepy.


7. What if your sleep schedule is messed up?

Being in a new time zone may cause significant changes in your sleep schedule. Normally, if you’re going to sleep and wake up at a regular interval, this won’t be too much of an issue but if you find that one night is always very different from the rest, it’s probably best for your mental and physical health if you try to adjust as soon as possible . 

Try waking up a little earlier than usual so that you don’t feel tired when getting ready for bed.


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