Learn the ins and outs of how to learn tattoo cover up. From the proper techniques for using makeup to create a realistic large tribal tattoo cover up, to finding out what you can do prior to receiving your tattoo cover up lesson. This post is a great resource for anyone who is interested in learning more about this art form.

1) You need Light skin powder paint, semi-opaque or translucent powder, and oil-based pigment (optional). If you buy these items separately they are called “powder foundation,” “setting power,” “blush,” and “concealer.” These items can be found at your local drug store or purchased online as well. 

2) Prep a tight face by washing it with an oil-based cleanser (no soap, please), using a skin toner, and then moisturizing. Then you can apply the powder foundation, setting power (optional), blusher (optional), or concealer using the following method:

– First apply powder foundation to any problem areas like dark circles under the eyes or blemishes.

– For stick-out areas like eyebrows and lips, add blush/concealer over the foundation. Blend it in well on skin that has already been powdered, but not much is needed if you’re looking to hide blemishes and other things in your face. – Use concealer on any areas that you want to make more defined, like your eyelids (in case your eyes are puffy from allergies), and lips.

3) Finish by using a small brush or q-tip to apply oil-based pigment on any bald spots left by the powder. People with oily skin and African Americans should avoid applying the powder foundation, but use a skin tone makeup instead and apply oil-based pigment ONLY if necessary (darker colors will be needed in some areas). Always finish off by setting your face with powder so that it doesn’t come off as you move throughout the day.

4) For best results, you need to OVERDOSE on the foundation. I’ve tried using one, two, and three layers of foundation and it still wasn’t enough. If you’re wearing a nice outfit and aren’t going to be in a hot environment for long periods of time, I wouldn’t recommend this technique. A makeup artist will have to do a flawless job for your tattoo cover up to look natural; you need to be able to see the tattoo through your makeup. Don’t waste time with an amateur on this technique if it’s not going to be clean and perfect.

5) To cover up larger tattoos such as a chest piece or back piece, think about getting a high-quality body suit.

6) To cover up smaller tattoos such as arms, legs, and hands, you can usually get away with just using clothing to cover it up. For example, wear long sleeves if you have an arm tattoo.

7) Practice sticking to solid colors (black, white, navy blue). Don’t use many different colored makeup products to cover up your tattoo because it will look amateurish and overdone. Stick with the basics and you’ll be able to make your tattoo disappear!

8) Make sure that whatever the artist is using to remove your unwanted tattoo is safe for your skin type and color. For example, don’t use harsh chemicals like bleach on sensitive skin.

9) Don’t wait too long to get your tattoo cover up (3-months max). You’ll begin to see some lightning in the tattoo and it will start to look more like a mole or blemish rather than a real tattoo. If you wait too long, then your tattoo could become a permanent covering for that area.

10) Remember that every artist is going to have their own technique and you might need to practice on different areas in order to perfect it. I spent quite a bit of time painting my chest piece and eyebrows with makeup only to learn later that I should have been doing it with a bodysuit (which would be the best method). 

11) If you ever have spot issues, use a concealer to cover them up and then let your skin rest for 15 minutes. Then wash the area with warm water, oil-based makeup remover, and moisturize with vitamin E.

12) Don’t try and get a tattoo cover up if your skin is very sensitive to chemicals or it might undergo an aftercare reaction where it will become discolored or flakey. I had this happen to me once where I got a tattoo that ended up being completely washed off my arm because of the body suit technique (just something I picked up from another artist).


– Learn the basic steps for how to learn tattoo cover up along with the needed supplies that you can find at your local drug store.  

– We’ll go over some basic areas to look for on your body before getting a tattoo cover up and some differences between different methods of makeup. You’ll need to find out which method is best for you!

– We’ll also go over what you need to do if you’re unlucky enough to pick up something “wrong” from your artist.

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