If you’ve ever wanted to live a more royal lifestyle with less work, then this post is for you. You can start by making your own household products or fashion with minimal investment of luxury baddie aesthetic. That way, when you do make an investment, it will last much longer! For example, upcycle towels as curtains and old t-shirts as washcloths.

Use less water for your plants by watering them in the evening! Use stainless steel pots and pans rather than non-stick cookware that unnecessarily releases toxins into the air.

1. Do You Need That?

Do you absolutely need to buy something before you buy it? What if it costs twice as much at the store than online? I always find that I don’t need to purchase something before I get it. If a pair of shoes is $60 in the store and $40 online, what are you really saving by waiting to purchase the shoes at the store? If they were $60, would they really be marked down when you were ready to buy them?

2. Create Your Own Products

This is an area that many people don’t explore. Make your own products and don’t be afraid of them! Don’t buy that expensive face wash if you can make your own. Most recipes on Pinterest use one ingredient – olive oil! Olive oil is a natural moisturizer that soothes dry skin. Not only that, but it’s great simply by itself. Make your own laundry detergent and add lavender to it for a fresh scent.

3. Quality Over Quantity

If you want to live a royal lifestyle, then you need to be surrounded by quality things. It’s better to pay more for something and have something which lasts longer than having many cheaper items which need replacing more frequently. Stick to high-quality products and you’ll find that you don’t run into these issues when you must invest in new products.

4. Repurpose

Don’t buy something for the sake of buying something. Instead, look around your house and see if there are things that can be used in other ways. For example, old kitchen utensils can be used in crafts while old tea cups can be used as drinking glasses. Don’t purchase a new product without seeing if there are things you already have which can be repurposed into the same thing!

5. Change Your Thought Process

If you want to buy something, it’s not because you feel the need for it. Instead, ask yourself what value the item will add to your life and whether you’ll enjoy the product. For example, if the thing costs $10 and you can’t think of a good use for it, then cut your losses and get rid of it!

6. Use Less / Charge More

Many people spend money on things they don’t use every day because they can just replace them without having to worry about breaking down and buying more. Instead, ask yourself how much a new item will cost if you buy one less of that thing each week or month. If you find that it’s the same or less, then don’t buy it! It’s better to have less or spend more on things you really use.

7. Buy Things That Last

Use warranty cards when you have a product that needs replacing. If something breaks, then use the fact that you are covered to show that you know what quality items to buy because they will last and they won’t break down as easily. Instead of buying cheap items which cost a fortune to replace, look for those which can be repaired and can last!

8. Write Things Down

There’s nothing wrong with buying things, but it is better to get value from things others have and not spend money when you don’t feel you really need them. Instead, write a list of everything that you want to purchase and put it in your budget. Don’t spend money on things which are not on your list!

9. Find What You Like

If you find that you like something but you don’t need it, then no harm is done by not purchasing it. Instead, ask the salesperson what the product is like without purchasing it. This way, you’ll find that your opinion of the product isn’t really biased towards buying it and you will save money from not spending money on a product that has no place in your life.

10. Be Prepared

If there’s a sale on something that you need, then buy it (if it’s in your budget) so that when you have to replace it, you have time to get a similar or higher quality item. The same goes for if you have an item to replace that is expensive. The sooner you replace something, the more you will feel that it was a waste of money and you’ve wasted time dealing with the issue.

11. Be Versatile

If you’re going to buy something, then look for items which can be used in multiple ways. For example, a necklace is only worth as much as it is labeled, so if it says “necklace” and you can use it as a purse chain, then by all means get a necklace purse chain! You’ll find that your expenses are less when you do this because items which sit unused don’t cost anything!

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