Many people dream of owning and living in a wonderful estate but this may be beyond what they are able to afford a shaq water bottle. However, there is no reason why you cannot live in a beautiful house or apartment that you can afford. This blog has suggestions on how to make your home become the ultimate location for entertaining guests

1. Decorate the living room

A living room is the most important part of a home. This is where you will spend the most time in your home and this person has to be comfortable. You do not have to spend a lot on decorating your living room. All you need are some pillows, blankets, and some flower vases here and there to make it a beautiful place to stay. This allows you to see how strong your furniture is as well as how good your lighting is. You do not need anything fancy to make your living room feel like a palace; only simple furniture and candles will suffice.

2. A Strong And Sturdy Coffee Table

Another important part of living in a home is the coffee table. This table is required to be sturdy so it can hold all of your stuff. You do not have to spend money on a lot of things that are unnecessary for your coffee table but you can instead spend it on good quality items. For example, if you have a lot of books, then you should consider buying a bookcase that will be able to withstand the weight and pressure of all the books that you have.

3. Buy Furniture

This can be a little confusing but you really don’t have to buy brand new furniture. There are a lot of people that get rid of some old and useless furniture because they don’t think they will use them again. If you look around your neighborhood you might find some great quality wooden furniture that is available for free. In fact, if someone offers to give you their used furniture for free, take it! You should also consider buying used furniture from a store where other people have put theirs up for sale.

4. Decorations 

One thing that can really make your living room look amazing is good decorations . Just because your living room is not very big does not mean that it cannot be decorated well. You can still have a lot of things on your coffee table and in front of your floor cushions. For example, you can buy some unique gifts like candles or vases. This will give your living room a very cozy and homey appearance.

5. Your Home Needs Some Color

This is the most important thing that you need to remember when it comes to decorating your house: colors. You cannot expect people to enjoy the color green unless it is in the form of a sofa, rug, and pillow. You should consider trying out some colors that have been successful before and see if they work well together in your home. You can use a lot of different colors for the different rooms in your home depending on your preferences. For example, you might like red in the living room and green in a bedroom.

6. Quality Of Books

It is good to have many books in your house but you should also invest in quality ones as well. This means that you should choose to buy books from reputable bookstores or from online stores that have been around for a while and they have many positive reviews online. You should ignore the color of the books and make sure they are quality books. You will be glad you did later on when you are able to re-sell them or pass them onto others.

7. Lighting

Good lighting is a must for any room because it makes it look cozier, warmer, and better yet quality lighting can make your home look classy. The perfect light for a living room should be warm white lights that illuminate from above instead of lights with yellow or orange bulbs in them. Lights with yellow or orange light bulbs can actually hurt your eyes if they are not dimmed properly so try to avoid them as much as possible.

You should also add light fixtures or lamps around the ceiling to boost up the natural light in your home. You do not have to show off with these lights because they are used to provide lighting in a room so they are not supposed to be beautiful. However, if you have guests coming over then you might want to add some nice looking lights so they can see them when they come into your living room.

8. Window Clings

The last thing to remember when you are decorating your home is the color of your window clings. You have to use these wherever there is glass in your home so they are easy to place. These can be used as decorations on the windows but they can also be used to cover the windows with curtains. For example, you can create a beautiful curtain by sewing some colorful pictures onto cloth and wrapping it around a rod or stick and then placing it on the window.

9. Wallpaper

You can also use wallpaper in your home to make it look like a real castle or mansion. Depending on the wallpaper you choose, you can make the walls look old or modern. You should use an old and well-tried pattern because this will make your home appear authentic and stylish.

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