It’s not easy to hear that the Bollywood film city, Filmcity, is being accused of some pretty bad things and it’s even harder to believe if you’re a movie buff.

Stats show that Bollywood movie sales and people’s shahid kapoor haircut have gone up over the last few years and we’re looking forward to more movies coming out in 2017 than ever before. That means more actors, actresses, songwriters, producers and directors are all happy with what they’re doing at Film City and it can’t be bad if they’re making more movies than ever before.

Maybe it’s time for us to start looking at what the stats are telling us instead of letting other people tell us something different.

1. The film city has a huge number of movies being shot there and that’s a good thing

Film city is one of the top places to shoot movies in the country today. Thousands of crew members, actors and actresses all get to work together in this one huge location. It’s like having thousands of people working under one building, getting along with each other for the same reason. The only difference is that it’s not all happening in a corporate office building but on movie sets instead.

2. The film city brings millions in tourism revenue to Panvel

Tourism doesn’t just mean going on vacation – tourism can also be used as an important factor when it comes to creating jobs for people who live locally. Right now, tourism is going up and that means more people are getting jobs in the Panvel area thanks to Film City.

3. The film city brings millions in revenue to the local economy of Panvel

When you have thousands of people working together, you can bet there’s going to be a lot of money being used somewhere along the line. People need to eat, drink and breathe – which means the local economy is going to get a big boost from all those people coming into Panvel for work.   They’ll be spending money on food, drink and shelter just like everybody else does in any other industry . . . only this time it’s all happening at Film City!

4. The film city is an important player in Panvel’s job market

Being a part of the Panvel area’s job market is becoming an extremely important industry thanks to all the revenue coming in from Film City. Movie making is an old trend that’s never going out of style. Now more than ever, movies are being shot at such a high rate around the world that it’s crazy to think they’re not going to be shot in Panvel for much longer. In fact, Hollywood directors are currently looking at Panvel as one of the top places to shoot movies because it hosts so many different movie sets.

5. Panvel really benefits from Film City

It doesn’t matter if you’re a big time producer or just a regular Joe who works in one of the many film sets around Panvel. The fact is that Panvel is benefiting from all the revenue coming from Film City and that’s great for everyone . . . not only for the economy but also for tourism as well.

6. Panvel will continue to benefit from films being shot at Film City

There’s no doubt about it! A lot of movies are being filmed in Mumbai but there’s no reason why they can’t be shot somewhere else as well. There’s going to be some major changes in the near future – if they haven’t already started. At some point, all the movies being filmed in Film City are going to have to move somewhere else. In fact, we’re even looking at the idea that they won’t all be shot in Film City after the year 2019.

7. The film city will bring more people into Panvel and will bring more business into Panvel

It doesn’t matter if you’re a resident in Panvel or just a regular visitor – most people have enough common sense not to drive drunk into town, not take drugs and not cause any trouble for yourself or others . . . just like everywhere else in the world. It’s not Film City, it’s people who will cause problems and there are plenty of troublemakers in Panvel who like to think that they can do whatever they want without getting caught.

8. Bollywood is a respected name throughout the world

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of Bollywood or not, the fact is that it’s one of the most popular movie industries for making movies in the entire world and it’s all because of film city . . . so much so that if you stop making movies at Film City, your popularity goes down dramatically.

9. Film City has international recognition

Maybe we’re just getting ourselves all tangled up in the idea that Film City is such a great place to shoot movies. The fact is that Film City has been given a lot of recognition around the world, not just locally. Twice, for instance, it’s won the best location for shooting movies award which tells you something . . . there are a lot of people who think Film City is one of the best places in the country to shoot movies!

10. Entertainment makes you happy

If you’re an actor, actress or just someone who likes to watch good entertainment, then you know that you’re going to get what you want from shooting movies at Film City – especially if it’s your first time.


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