We all want to be more productive. We all want to get stuff done faster, better, and with fewer errors. But in order to do so, we need the right tools for the job.


That’s why we’ve created this list of task management tools for you! These websites and apps will help you manage your tasks in a way that is best suited to your preferences  whether it be categorizing tasks with tags or trying out Kanban boards with drag-and-drop capabilities. 


Whatever suits your needs best, you’ll find it on this list! So go ahead and take a look at this compilation of apps specifically designed to help you stay productive like never before.


Refresh 24 spa has some more information to Improve your Productivity with a Task Management Tools.


The basic features of this task manager are the ability to view tasks in a Gantt chart format, archive tasks in folders, and an unlimited number of tags. 


This tool is perfect if you don’t mind the slightly dated interface and your knowledge of system commands and Linux.

Joplin Project also has an RSS feed that allows users to notify them of changes to their tasks, tag them or add labels to their projects. 


Here some points are discussed-


1. Assignments: 


Assignments are the backbone of task management. It helps you to categorize tasks based on your decision, the type of work being done and the time at which it is to be completed. For example, if your tasks are categorized in a way that you can understand what needs to be done and when, then it becomes extremely easy for others to know about it.


2. Project Management Software: 


It is a part of enterprise level software which allows you to keep an track of all your team members and their work schedule. It provides you with full control over what work has been given to whom and whether that task has been completed or not.


3. Scheduling: 


This tool allows you to plan the time and organize tasks by using the customizable calendar feature that comes with the software. This is a good tool if you want to stop wasting your time over something else while waiting for other tasks to be completed.


4. Collaboration: 


This tool enables different users to work together in order to build better quality outcomes and make more efficient use of their time. It helps in communicating with other people, even if they are across the world, which lends great benefits for those who are working on a project with multiple team members in different locations all over the world.


5. Reporting: 


This tool provides you with a solid list of time sheets, helping you to identify any abnormalities or problems in your project. Which allows you to get rid of such problems before they arise, as well as scheduling future time sheets for projects that may be of benefit for your project.


6. Task App: 


This task app gathers all of the information about the user’s task and puts it in one location using this tool users can efficiently track the completion rates and overall progress on a task right from the initial stages to final completion ensuring that tasks are getting done much faster than they ordinarily would without this app on your phone or computer.


7. Toolbar: 


This is a free tool that provides users with a toolbar which can be used to organize websites, documents and other files in one easily accessible place. It is available for Google Chrome which makes it much easier for users to use the functions of the toolbar. This tool keeps all of your work organized, giving you access to everything you want when you need it without having to sift through or sort out any files on your computer or phone.


8. Asana: 

Asana is an online project management software that organizes all of your tasks, updates and projects in one location ensuring that all plans are up-to-date and organized with all relevant information included.


9. Pivotal Tracker: 

Although Pivotal Tracker is not a software, it works in a similar way as Kanban boards. This tool is perfect for small teams of engineers, designers and project managers. It allows you to create multiple tasks in one project, assign different users to different tasks and leave comments on each task with the ability to attach files or images that can always be accessed at any time. 


It also allows you to organize your work tasks into columns so that they are more easily viewed and updated by all those involved in the task.



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