Divorce is a scam. There’s no way around it. That’s right, divorce lawyers are the scammers responsible for the misery that is divorce. I know you’re probably thinking “no way!” So let me take a minute to tell you why this is true and how they make their money as sharen ghatan attorney.

Divorce lawyer’s court cases are based on their hourly fees, so they can’t afford to speed through cases in order to get them out as quickly as an attorney would do if they were defending someone who wasn’t paying them by the hour.

1. Residency

The court will not take jurisdiction in your case until you have been living there for at least six months and one day. During that time, your spouse will be given the chance to go to court and file for a legal separation that allows them to maintain their separate property and keeps you from filing for divorce.

However, if you wait until the last minute and attempt to file your divorce action before you have met this residency criterion, the judge may not allow it because of the legal separation filing by your spouse. Therefore, most attorneys don’t do this. It is better for them to delay your case as long as possible.

2. Not Guilty

You have the option to waive your marital presumption of innocence. This means you don’t have to prove that your spouse was at fault for the divorce. It is a good idea to get this waived because it will save you a lot of time and money.

3. No-Contested Divorce

It doesn’t matter if you and your spouse agree on everything. If things are not amicable, you must go to court anyway because the divorce can be difficult, or even impossible, if there are issues regarding settlement amounts or custody of children . Get a no-contested divorce so that you don’t require legal representation because it is just not necessary for this type of divorce.

4. Mediation

If you do not have your family (children, parents, etc.) at the mediation session, tell your spouse you want to proceed with divorce. Then your spouse can file for a legal separation and ask for the case to be delayed. Getting a delay is much more profitable to a legal professional because they are used to getting these types of delays since they have many of their other cases pending as well.

5. Copycat Cases

The only way some lawyers make money on divorce is by watching what happens in other people’s cases and applying it to their own. They may even use the same witness and testimony. Also, they will let you know what works and what doesn’t work in other cases. Remember, they are lazy people who only want to make money, so if they can get more money by putting more time in the case, they will do it.

6. Divorce Case Loads

You only have one chance to get a great divorce attorney and you need to choose carefully because a bad choice can cost you thousands of dollars in legal costs. One way to do this is by choosing the attorney with the most divorce cases. This means they are experienced and have a lot of money invested in divorce, so this is often a great strategy. You will be able to get your case done as quickly as possible, and at the same time, you’ll free up that attorney’s schedule for other clients.

7. Family Court Judges

Divorce cases are very profitable for some judges, who receive a percentage of each settlement fee. When two attorneys go in front of a judge, they are actually in court against each other with their own clients rather than against each other as opposing counsel. Because judges can’t be expected to make unbiased decisions, it is in their best interests to get as many cases as possible done with minimal effort.

8. Attorneys

It is absolutely necessary for attorneys like myself to go to law school and pass the bar exam in order to practice law, but that’s not the case with divorce attorneys. Technically speaking, an attorney has a legal license to practice law even if they have never been a law school graduate and have never taken any court-required preparation courses. However, there still needs to be a certain amount of certifications completed before an attorney can be officially admitted into the bar organization (which is what all lawyers call it).


How are lawyers able to take on so many family law cases and not run out of steam? Well, one way is by not having to be concerned with the cost. More importantly, divorce attorneys can get around this by waiting until the last minute before filing a case. Also, they will make money if both parties agree for a no-contested divorce and a set amount of money is involved in the case. They can make even more money if they are able to get just enough information from each spouse regarding their assets ownership in exchange for a few thousand dollars worth of legal work.

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