I was recently reading about how key art can be used in mental health treatment. It got me thinking about how key artwork, specifically keys, act as markers of time and space in so many cultures. 

Ancient Egyptians had hieroglyphs carved on the sides of their skulls. 


The Ancient Greeks had letters engraved on their rings or charms, while the Romans wore amulets made of lead tied with red strings for protection.


In our own culture, our precious keys have been used in a variety of ways. They have been given to us as going away presents, gifts from newborn babies and other such tokens of familial love and remembrance (I know I am guilty of this). 


They have been handed down from parents to children and used as lucky charms or unlucky omen warnings. Parents place them in the back of their hand while praying or reading to their children, thus teaching them to always be looking for the “good” in every situation.


The tradition of burying keys with one’s deceased loved ones is an old one, but it is still practiced today. The practice has become more prevalent over the last decade or two. 


It not only serves as a memento and keepsake of that person and his/her life, but it also serves as a humbling reminder to the living that we are human and we will all eventually pass on.


The keys we carry with us on a daily basis also tie us to the places we live in, the places we visit and the things we own. 

Here at websitesetuper.com/ has some more information about the key to peace and good mental health.


Keys can be used as symbols of our best intentions or our most reckless actions. Keys can be used as symbols of what is most important to us, what is most valuable to us, or things of which we would like to “give up.


Here are some key points about peace and good mental health:

1. We all have the capacity to forgive.

Some of us are better at it than others, but we all possess the ability. Forgiveness is a gift that allows us to let go of the past and truly move on. If you are looking to forgive someone, try writing them a letter of forgiveness which you never intend to send, only read. 


Sometimes saying something out loud helps it sink in on an emotional level. Sometimes talking with someone about how you feel can help give clarity to an anger or resentment that you see no end to. If you are harboring any grudges against anyone, writing down your thoughts can help clarify what is truly important in your life and what is not.


2. We need very little to be happy.


It is much easier to be content with what you have than it is to be discontent with what you don’t. All that we truly need is love, even if that means falling in love with our own selves. 


If you feel like there isn’t much in your life, try giving yourself more time and making moments for yourself. Make time to go out and do the things you enjoy doing, spend time at home alone doing things that make you happy (cooking, reading, taking long bubble baths) or make plans with friends for something fun to do (a movie night or karaoke night).


3. The energy you put into the universe will come back to you.


The universe is like a game. You can choose to play in ways that benefit you or in ways that drain your resources. If you feel like you are always giving to others and not receiving anything back, try changing your approach. 


We all want to help the people we care about, but it’s important to not exhaust ourselves by doing so at our own expense. Try putting things in perspective and realizing who is really worth helping and who is not. 


If someone repeatedly asks for help and never gives back, consider what lesson they may be teaching you on self sufficiency and self respect (this applies more to romantic relationships than friendships).


4. Life is really about relationships.


You can find meaning in all of the things in this world, but it’s the people you surround yourself with that counts. As much as we all want to believe in ourselves, if we continue to surround ourselves with others who tell us “you are worthless”, “you are nothing”, “you are insignificant” we will begin to believe them. 


Try loving yourself, focus on what lies inside your heart, and try to surround yourself with people who lift you up when you are down. 


Listen when people speak their truth and don’t tell them how wrong they are or that they are wrong for being angry at someone for something they have no control over whatsoever.

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