It all started with one 200-word tweet, which was later followed up with a blog post to explain the situation in more detail.


The first sentence of the blog post should be something like, “KIN is finally showing signs of moving after months of doom and gloom.”. The blog should then go into details about Kin’s valuation and what it means for investors. It can also cover how Ted (the CEO) has been making decisions to stabilize the company’s future for investors before turning his focus back to market expansion.


The blog post should end with a link to an article about the situation and why the investor community is concerned about Kin’s future.


The tone of the blog is important, so try and avoid sounding like a victim. This can be done by asking yourself questions like, “How do I feel?” or “How am I affected?”. All personal pronouns should be used appropriately, so it should sound like you are trying to understand how the situation affected everyone else involved in the situation (including yourself). 


The tone should then walk investors through what Ted is doing right now to stabilize Kin’s future for investors. At this point all concerns should be addressed as long as they are reasonable.


Here some points are discussed kin coin reddit


1. What is the company (KIN) worth?


The company is worth between 1.5 and 2 billion dollars according to Ted. The market value is currently 800 million dollars.


2. What are KIN’s monthly expenses?


Kin’s monthly expenses are about 20-30 million dollars, which might be covered by the 20% of Kin’s crypto holdings (10%). The rest will come from CoinMarketCap and other similar websites. These websites make millions of dollars annually via ads, so KIN might be able to convince the owners of these websites to monetize Kin deeply.


3. What will KIN’s valuation look like in a year?


The current price of Kin is 0.000240 BTC per token. KIN still needs the public to accept them in order to become a legitimate cryptocurrency. 


Ted is going to try and increase the price by distributing tokens with little vested interests for a significant discount, so that investors can make money quickly by buying KINS as soon as possible and then selling them at a profit once it becomes apparent that people are going to start using it. 

It will also be helpful if we can see some marketing efforts from Ted or other team members or agreements with related services such as Twitter or Amazon, etc.


4. What will KIN’s valuation look like in 5 years time?


Assuming that KIN gets picked up by some of the largest companies in the tech industry, it could be worth more than what Facebook is worth today. Facebook is worth about 370 billion dollars currently, which means that Kin might be able to become worth almost 100 billion dollars in five years time. 


This will depend on how much money Kin has to invest and how fast it can reach its targets. It is obviously a very ambitious goal so I wouldn’t expect this sort of valuation in five years time but it would still be nice if it did happen.


5. What will KIN’s valuation look like in 10 years time?


If Kin makes it big they could become the standard for digital payments, so it could be worth over a trillion dollars by that point. This is obviously not realistic either as we’ve seen how hard it is for new projects to succeed, but many different cryptocurrencies and blockchain companies have been making such outlandish claims in the past and none of them have managed to reach such lofty goals yet. The average cryptocurrency is worth about $4 billion today, so there is a lot of room to grow.


6. What is the role of investors?


The role of investors is to help KIN reach its maximum valuation as quickly as possible while providing liquidity for the holders of KIN and helping it grow fast. It is also important to show support for Ted, because he has been working really hard to try and ensure that this doesn’t happen. 


Many investors wanted to sell their tokens but were afraid that they wouldn’t be able to get out in time, which was a major reason why the price dropped so much in the week leading up to the announcement. If Kin fails it will be because Ted failed, which will cause a lot of damage for all involved.



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