Want to learn how to write good content? Then you’ve come to the right place. After attending college for journalism, managing a marketing firm for five years, and finally being an in-house editor for over 10 years, I have compiled my best advice into one blog post. 


From grammar rules to titling your article, this is the perfect guide if you want to learn about writing content.


With more of a focus on content writing, my blog is a unique resource. 


Since most of my posts are intended for beginner bloggers, I spend less time on grammar and punctuation, and more time on writing a good headline and how to get more readers from the title of your article.


Here at https://thepulplist.com/ has some more information about learning content writing from the editor.


Here are some specific tips :


1. Pick A Subject That Has More People Interested In It Than Others. 


In other words, if you’re writing an article about makeup, make sure that there’s plenty of interest in people buying cosmetics in general. Otherwise, your article won’t get as much traffic.


2. If Writing About Sports, Make Sure You Know Your Stuff. 


If you’re writing an article about a sport that you know very little about, don’t worry. Most people will not be able to tell if you don’t know what you’re talking about. However, if someone tells you that there’s a mistake in your article, just thank them and fix it ASAP! 


Don’t try to pretend that it’s correct or argue with the person telling you there’s something wrong with your article. Just say “thank you” and admit that it was a mistake on your part and correct it as soon as possible.


3. Learn To Write A One-Paragraph Summary. 


Writing a good one-paragraph summary is one of the most important things you can learn when it comes to content writing. Creating a summation here is what separates the experts from the amateurs, so make sure that you do this well.


4. Make Sure Your Headline Sells What Your Article Is All About. 


If your headline gives away what your article was about, it’s not going to be as effective as if you can trick readers into reading it. For example, my headline for writing articles on blogging is “A Simple Guide To Writing Good Headlines. 


This gives readers the impression that I’m just giving them a simple guide to writing good headlines, when in fact, the article is about lots of other things.


5. Use The Word “You” Way More Than You Think You Should. 


Using the word “you” is what makes your posts friendly and personable. Readers don’t want to read something like “This is how you should blog if you’re interested in getting more traffic”, they want to read something like “I do this when I blog and get awesome results”. 


It’s also super important that you use your keyword(s) in your post, especially if you’re using SEO (search engine optimization) techniques to get more traffic.


6. Also Use The Words “Great” And “Amazing” More Than You Think You Should. 


Just like the word “you”, these words are very effective in your blog posts. Instead of saying that you’re going to write about what someone should do when they start blogging, say that you’re going to tell them how to start blogging and then make it great! 


If someone asks for help on your forum, instead of saying, “You can do this by doing this”, say something like “if you want to do this, it’ll be amazing!” Again, these things may sound cheesy, but they work.


7. Only Use Numbers If They Will Help Your Post Stand Out From The Crowd. 


People only read the first few spots above the title of your article, so if you’re going to use numbers, make sure they’re extremely obvious ones. In other words, don’t use a number that’s less than 4. I’ll give you an example:


If you were to write about something that will help you to start a blog and get more readers, your headline would be “How To Start A Blog And Get More Readers”. 


Your first line of what will be a good article would be “You need to know the right way to start a blog and get more readers. Here’s how.” This is a much better headline than just “How To Start A Blog And Get More Readers”.


8. Take Opinion If You Don’t Feel Comfortable With Your Post Title Or Headline. 


If you can’t think of a good title for your article, go to a forum where your readers hang out and ask them for their opinion. 


If you don’t have a forum, go to Google and search for “best blog post titles.” I promise it will be much easier than you think.


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