There are many reasons people love Megan York , but here are a few of the top ones. More than anything else, she is a lighthearted character who always brings joy to the table.  Her first novel, “The Sky Is Falling,” was well-reviewed and has around 300,000 copies in print. It was turned into a major motion picture as well as being adapted for TV and YouTube. She regularly does readings at shopping malls and other locations around the United States to generate enthusiasm for her books. She is also very active on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter where she interacts with her fans regularly.


Megan York has made many public appearances throughout her career. Her most recent was an interview on The Daily Buzz Show to support Project Megan. She also appeared on the nationally syndicated television show, The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch in their “Women Who Inspire” episode. York was invited to speak at high schools in Michigan by the Teen Life Magazine, and at international fashion shows in both Singapore and Mexico City.


She has given talks at the North American International Auto Show and TEDx Detroit, both to promote education as well as charitable giving. She also volunteers with Habitat for Humanity and Youthville, a group that helps youth who have been victims of violence or neglect find stability.


She uses her skills in design and photography to help share the work that she does with Project Megan by running an Instagram account documenting what she does and why it’s worth doing.


Reasons Why People Love Megan York :

1. She is able to motivate others through her own example.


Megan York has been a public speaker and advocate for charity work since she was in high school. Her most recent endeavor is her philanthropic project, Project Megan, which strives to alleviate poverty in Kenya by teaching young girls how to design and sew their own clothing. Megan York is a fashion designer and makes her own clothing. She is also a model, who has made appearances on the covers of fashion magazines such as “Women’s Running”, “SELF”, and “Shape”. She has lent the knowledge that she has gained from the fashion industry to help teach young women how they can bring jobs to their local communities and make enough money to be self-sufficient.

2. She is a role model for teens and women.


In her teens, Megan York was not just interested in acting and modeling, but also held a job as a waitress at Houlihan’s Restaurant. She is our modern day Carrie Bradshaw from “Sex and the City”. Today, she uses her fame for philanthropic reasons, speaking out for causes such as Project Megan and The Big Idea . She is also a business owner who has turned her fashion designs and skills into a lucrative career. Megan York is a positive, even though she went through her own hardships growing up. She easily relates to teens and helps empower women all around the world.

3. She is an inspiration in the fight against poverty.


Even though she was born into a wealthy household, she wanted to work for herself and make her own money from the age of 13 on when she got a job at Houlihan’s Restaurant . Her mother owned jewelry stores, where Megan York did not want to work because “the people there were rude”. 


She wanted to start her own fashion design business and eventually turned the idea into a success in the fashion industry. She started to get attention from agencies and signed on as a model at age 17. This was an important step in her career because it gave her the opportunity to meet people who she would later collaborate with, like photographer Robert Sallin and makeup artist, Jenn Chen , among other professionals.

4. She is not afraid to speak out against social issues and injustice.


Megan York has spoken publicly about her experiences with bullying that she suffered while growing up, which inspired her to work with others who have been bullied. She worked with various organizations that aim to eliminate bullying and improve the way people are treated. She has been quoted as saying that “bullying is a problem and everyone needs to take responsibility for it”. Her first book, The Sky Is Falling, is about two girls who were bullied in high school. Megan York has been active on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter where she interacts with her fans regularly.


Her online reputation is such that she was invited to speak at a high school in Michigan by the Teen Life Magazine . She also spoke at international fashion shows in both Singapore and Mexico City . Some of her friends from many different countries have started reading her books after their own lives were touched by them.


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