In late 2013, Mia Khalifa made headlines when she announced on her Twitter account that she was bringing in a whopping $80,000. She had been a pornstar for just two years and announced that she was going to retire. Surprisingly, her website is still active today. In 2018, it has generated about $1 million per year in advertising revenue and Mia continues to be one of the most sought-after stars. In 2019, Mia is also set to open up her own line of adult products as well as her own online talk show -Mia Khalifa’s Sex Talk Show- later this year. Mia Khalifa’s weight loss journey is so famous!


In an interview with the Daily Beast, Mia said that her weight loss journey was all based on genetics. Her father weighed around 300 pounds, which is why she wanted to make sure she doesn’t take any risks before announcing that she is ready to retire. She also added that it’s a challenge for her to lose weight every time. “I don’t go beyond what I’m supposed to, like I never eat pasta again until I hit my goal number,” Mia said in 2019.

Aside from the fact that Mia Khalifa’s weight loss journey is so famous! The star was also paid for her services in the adult industry way before she had even started modeling.


Reasons Why Mia Khalifa Weight Loss Journey Is So Famous :

1. A Lucrative Career :


As mentioned in the Daily Beast article, Mia got paid for her services in the adult industry way before she had even started modeling. After just two years of porn, she was making an income of $80,000 per month. As a result of her success, she was also able to start her own site and brand.

2. Her Instagram Influencer Status :


Her Instagram account is a goldmine for those seeking inspiration and motivation on weight loss. Mia Khalifa and her friend Jewels Jade have over 14 million followers! Her Instagram posts are often filled with pictures of her weight loss journey where she shares everything from her meals to what she does to lose more pounds.


3. Her Lifestyle :


Mia Khalifa’s weight loss journey is so famous! It’s not rocket science. She backs up this claim when she says that two of the main reasons why she was able to maintain a healthy lifestyle were because of genetics and the fact that her mother has always been supportive. She has also said that exercise wasn’t really a problem since she was active all the time. “I love running and I always have to be doing something,” Mia said in 2019.

4. The Green Challenge :


After she had announced her intentions to retire from the adult industry in 2016, Mia also shared that she was doing some challenges on YouTube where she would eat only green for a month. This challenge immediately got the attention of her fans who wanted to know more about it. “It really benefits your skin,” said Mia in an interview with the Daily Beast. “You look better, you feel better, and you have more energy because your body is getting all of these nutrients from the green things.”

5. Her Love Life :


When it comes to her personal life, Mia’s love life hasn’t been perfect. She was married to a man whom she had met when she was just a teenager. The couple had two children before they parted ways. However, this is not what people are talking about when they discuss how Mia Khalifa weight loss journey is so famous! One of the Hollywood actress’ biggest regrets is that she lost three babies before she gave birth to her son.


Mia Khalifa’s weight loss journey is so famous! 6. In response to a tweet about her weight loss, she said that she was able to lose the excess fat because of pregnancy.

7. She Loves Herself :


At the end of the day, Mia loves herself and it’s obvious in every one of her Instagram posts. She has even given advice to other women who are struggling with their bodies. “If you want to change your life, you have to be willing to put in the work,” said Mia on Twitter. “No pill, no surgery or procedure will change your life for you.”

8. The Drop Dead Date :


During her weight loss journey on Instagram, Mia shared that she had a very tight weight range thanks to her family’s history of diabetes. She was able to lose the extra fat just one month before she was set to give birth and she revealed that both her and her doctor were very excited about this because it meant that all of the excess fat could be used for delivering the baby. Talk about dedication!

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